Intertek Mexico

Intertek sponsored American Chamber Mexico’s Annual Convention

Mexican President Felipe Calderón spoke to the American Businessmen at the Convention.

Neal Goins, American Chambers' President
and Mark Loughead, COO of Intertek.

Intertek, a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world, is expanding its presence in Mexico to meet growing demand for independent testing, inspection and certification services in the country.

Intertek has three new laboratories currently under construction in Mexico, joining another three new facilities added in the past 24 months. By the end of 2009 Intertek will 20 locations and 500 employees in Mexico.

Intertek co-sponsored the 8th National American Chamber Convention March 10-11 in Mexico City, where corporate executives, experts and representatives of various commercial sectors met to discuss trade and bilateral business opportunities and issues between Mexico and the United States.

Subjects such as NAFTA, IETU tax, import and export between the two countries and the challenge of dollar currency trading for Mexican businesses were discussed.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa attended the conference and in his keynote speech stressed the importance of cooperation between the two nations in order to better face common economic issues. “I encourage you to consolidate efforts and talent around the same cause. Strengthen the cooperation and integration of our economies, for therein lies the key to international competitiveness. Cooperation will make North America a truly prosperous region.”

During the Convention, Intertek Mexico displayed images of the new laboratory and office complex now under construction in Mexico City. The new building will provide testing, inspection and certification services in a single location, and provide important services to industry, including the environmental, metal, textile, electrical, food, chemical, and petroleum industries. Uniquely, the new Intertek building will contain a 150-seat auditorium for training courses, seminars and other activities to better support our customers.

Michael LeBlanc General Director of Intertek México and Mark Loughead COO of Intertek.
President Felipe Calderón H. during his speech to the Convention attendees
Intertek Mexico attendees to the Convention

Intertek Mexico's new facility
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